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I Can’t Muster Much Anger At Barry Bonds After A Youth Spent With Pete Rose

Texas Liberal is sorry to post about sports. Sports get too much attention in our society. Still, because I am a hypocrite, here is a baseball post.

I’ll be attending the San Francisco Giants/Houston Astros game tomorrow night in Houston. Barry Bonds of the Giants has been booed by Houston fans each time he has come to bat for the past two days.

I won’t be one of the people booing Mr. Bonds tomorrow. I lived in Cincinnati for 18 years and for much of that time I was subjected to Pete Rose. I don’t know what Mr. Bonds has done or not done, but he can’t be much worse than Pete Rose.

Mr. Rose bet on his team and is a convicted tax cheat.

Mr. Rose was from the West Side of Cincinnati. While it is not so much the case anymore, the West Side of Cincinnati was for many years the more law-and-order part of town.

I always felt that many of Mr. Rose’s most vocal supporters were some the same people who had been hostile to black Hall-Of-Famer Frank Robinson during his time in a Cincinnati uniform in the 1960’s.

A solid book about Mr. Rose is Hustle–The Myth, Life And Lies Of Pete Rose by Michael Sokolove.

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