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Black Man Drives Car With Confederate Flag License Plate And Robert E. Lee Written On Side

I saw a black guy today in Houston driving some sort of souped-up car with a Confederate flag front license plate. Instead of a normal Texas plate at the front of the car, there was a plate with an image of the Confederate flag.   

Painted on the side of the car were the words “Robert E. Lee.”

It was not exactly the Dukes of Hazzard car you see in the picture above,  but it was close. The car I saw the black man driving was orange and clearly modeled on the car in the photo.

If you live in Houston and see this man driving this car, could you please leave a comment on this blog ? I know what I saw today was not a mirage. Yet it was the kind of thing you don’t believe you’re really seeing at first.

The gentleman behind the wheel of that car is indeed free to drive whatever he wishes to drive, but he does seem a bit confused in my view.

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  1. Confused? Is that your evaluation? Sounds more like a knee jerk reaction. Reactions usually do not require any thought. If he is the car owner, the he has made his choice. Maybe he was driving it for a friend, or for work. Maybe all he wanted to do was garner some attention. Whatever his situation, why don’t YOU not make a judgement until you know the facts.

    Comment by Mobius | October 26, 2009

  2. I’d say he was confused at best for driving around a car with symbols and names on it that are associated with the slavery of people like himself. Whatever reason he was driving that car, those facts are clear enough.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | October 26, 2009

  3. […] those drivers not behaving erratically, though, some seem inexplicably confused, others justifiably frustrated, and at least one more alive than has been recently […]

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  4. maybe he just bought it at sheriff auction or had just stole it to go bury it the gulf so no one could ever drive it again

    Comment by bill brady | October 30, 2009

  5. Hard to see that we was anything but confused.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | November 1, 2009

  6. Um You all are horribly mistaken the confederate flag has nothing to do with slavery it is about states rights. And being true enough to stand up and say no when you belive you are right.

    If you have ever ate a peach from down in georgia or had a glass of makers mark you can thank dixie for that

    Comment by Jeff | November 2, 2009

  7. I’m sure a swastika has other meanings as well.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | November 3, 2009

  8. Why didn’t you tap this black man on the shoulder and instruct him to get back in the herd and start acting, thinking, and voting like black people should?

    Did you ever stop to think that this man is proud of his Southern roots, heritage, history, etc.?

    Comment by Kp | April 7, 2010

  9. I did not tap him on the shoulder because I figured any black man driving around in a Robert E. Lee car was extra crazy and might kill me if I tapped him on the shoulder.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | April 7, 2010

  10. or maybe he was simply a fan of “dukes of hazard” and just liked the car?

    Comment by jacktheripple | March 3, 2011

  11. That’s possible. But a bit difficult to imagine.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | March 4, 2011

  12. I think that the person who started this blog is the one who is confused. As Jeff said in comment no.6, the Confederate Battle-Flag was not a symbol of slavery, but a symbol of being firm enough to stand against what is wrong, and pushing back at those people that are pushing you. The first Confederate flag was called the “Stars and Bars”, as it was similar to the union flag, apart from the stars only numbered 7, in a circular design on a blue field, with two red, and one white bars. This was changed to the familiar “Southern Cross”, in 1862-63, as it was too similar to the enemy’s flag.

    Comment by ron | December 2, 2011

  13. It is a flag of hate. Always has been. Always will be.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | December 2, 2011

  14. Yes, I seen that person driving a updated General Lee (Charger). Mostly in the sunny side and Cullen area. I was shocked because that person do not care about past history and is more concerned about looking good. I bet you that person is educated about the history of that flag, but with him being a fan of the tv show he did not care. For instance, when I was a kid I had the hot wheel version. But as I got older and learning our history then certain issues make sense not to do. (Make sense to respect your culture.) I seen that car a couple of years ago.

    Comment by JD | July 8, 2015

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