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Blog War! Pink Dome Blog Blasts Texas Liberal

An Austin blog called Pink Dome trashed Texas Liberal yesterday in regards to my excellent post criticizing the use of obscenities in blog posts.

Anyone who mentions your name has done you a favor. Since blogs have little, if any, impact on elections and on the course of legislation, what one is doing with a blog is seeking to reach individuals.

If your blog gets additional traffic because someone has been good enough to provide the link, you have done well. If just one person agrees with what you’ve written, you can say you’ve had a good day.

I’m going to write a post in the next few weeks about my reluctance to use the word stupid in describing any individual. My feeling is that the word stupid has biological connotations and I’m hesitant to use such a term in a society that often has murderous inclinations to anyone conventionally viewed as weak.

When I write that post I’m going to e-mail it to the helpful folks at Pink Dome and see if I can get another plug.   

May 4, 2007 Posted by | Blogging | 1 Comment