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Obscenities In Posts A Way That Texas Bloggers And Many Bloggers Fail Readers

(Hello Pink Dome Readers! Thanks for stopping by. All that one can ask is that the blog name be spelled right and that I get a link and the traffic. Please see my reply to Pink Dome here.) 

Texas Liberal dislikes blog posts with obscenities in them. These bad words are never necessary. The purposes of a blog are, ideally, communication and to serve as a spur to thought.

Texas Liberal, a flawed human being like everybody else, is very liberal. This liberalism takes on what might appear to be a conservative bent when it comes to public and social conduct. The commons, whether a public street or shared cyberspace, always merit respect. 

At times, some of my fellow Texas left bloggers will swear in a post. This is a cause for regret.

An obscenity is not communication. Using obscenities is also is a hindrance to obtaining the political influence that much of the so-called Texas netroots apparently craves. So far, some Texas netroots’ bloggers lack both the discipline and the maturity to see this obvious fact. This is a way that bloggers are failing blog readers. 

Most at issue are the posts of one, seemingly brutal in my view, Texas left blogger in particular, who often makes unnecessary sexual references and uses derogatory terms describing women. This goes unremarked by others and it is disappointing. 

May 2, 2007 Posted by | Blogging, Texas | 7 Comments