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This is TexasLiberal I’m Neil Aquino, a resident of Houston.  

I’m committed to advancing liberalism in Houston, Texas, and across the nation. My blog will speak to that goal. I believe progress can be made and will be made at every level. 

Houston is a city that has never elected a Republican mayor. You can’t argue with that. But Houston is also a city that’s never realized the political possibilities of its majority-minority population and many committed liberals. 

In Texas, far more people than understood realize things must change. A Houston Chronicle article from September 2005, says 45% of Texans surveyed might support an income tax if it reduced property taxes and helped fund education.  

It’s taken as an article of faith that an income tax would never pass in Texas. Yet, with the right circumstances, nearly half of Texans would be open to the idea.  

With courage and effort the day may come when Texas has something approaching a fair system of taxation.    

In our nation, it’s time to win the fight over the direction the country and the Democratic party take after the Bush nightmare ends.   

This blog is about the belief that things can get better if good people are willing to work hard to make them better. 

All ideologies are in the minority. Most people are apathetic or, at best, hold few strong beliefs. The liberal, just like the conservative, wants to be part of the hardworking minority that prevails.  

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