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I Blew My Chance To Stop “Pastor” Joel Osteen From Doing His Evil Works

My view is that if the Devil came to be with us, he’d come in the form of Houston -based TV preacher Joel Osteen. Coming as Pat Robertson, for example, would be very obvious and most people would be immune to his evil works.

How much smarter it would be for the Devil to come as this so-called “Pastor” Osteen. Pastor Osteen smiles, talks his happy talk, hits up the flock for money, and all the while the world outside gets worse and worse. If Pastor Osteen is not the Devil, he may well be doing the Devil’s work. 

A favorite book of mine is called The Prophetic Imagination by Walter Brueggemann. In this book Mr. Brueggemann calls for a church that confronts power and injustice, instead of a church that serves as an enabler of so many evils in our society. 

Maybe two years ago, I was reading this book while taking a walk in a secluded Houston park. While walking, I ran into none other than Joel Osteen. We were the only two people on that trail.

If I had thought quickly, l would have handed him the book. I could have of said to Pastor Osteen—“Pastor Osteen, here is a book about a God of justice you have never addressed in your TV sermons.”

Who knows? Maybe he would have taken it as a sign from God and changed his evil ways. Every time I see that guy on TV I think about how I blew my chance.     

May 28, 2007 Posted by | Best Posts Jan.-June 2007, Books, Houston | 16 Comments