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A Full-Time Texas Legislature, End Of One-Third Rule In Senate And Party Line Vote For Speaker—Steps Towards Democracy In Texas

Here in Texas the legislature meets only once every two years, one-third of the state senate can block legislation and the House Speaker is elected with votes from members of the opposite party.

Really. It’s true. 

And we have no income tax.

Does this absence of democracy and fair taxation more reflect fear of others or is it self-loathing? In a state like Texas, where the strong kick the weak for sport and where the public has never known anything better, I imagine it is a mix of both.     

A state with more people than Australia needs a full-time legislature. The senate should find a new and higher number of senators required to block bills. And the House Speaker should be selected by party line vote in a way that respects the House majority that the public elected.

As a new Democratic and demographic majority comes to the front in Texas, we should be endorsing full-scale change in how we conduct politics in Texas.  

May 19, 2007 Posted by | Politics, Texas | 3 Comments