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I Looked At Wonkette For First Time And It Is Among The Most Annoying Things I’ve Ever Seen

I viewed Wonkette today for the first time ever.  Pardon my language here–But damn! It was so annoying. 

Texas Liberal enjoys referring to himself in the third person because baseball player Reggie Jackson did that sometimes and I always liked Reggie Jackson. Yet nothing I could do could make me as full of myself and as self-aware as are those Wonkette people.    

Just the word “snark” sets what is left of my hair on edge. I guess where snark is found, one might also find “edge” and “buzz.” I don’t like those words either.

If this is the future of media we sure got some trouble ahead. 

Here is the link to C-Span to help make up for my sin of viewing that Wonkette deal.      

May 8, 2007 Posted by | Blogging | 2 Comments