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I Asked Texas Democratic Party Chair Boyd Richie A Question And I Got A Lousy Answer

A few weeks back, Texas Democratic Party Boyd Richie held a so-called town hall meeting at the University of Houston. I attended this meeting and asked Mr. Richie a question. 

While I appreciated Mr. Richie making himself available, his answer to my question stunk.

I asked if the Texas Democratic Party had a position on a full-time Texas legislature. Mr. Richie said he thinks the legislature does enough damage in the limited time it does meet. He saw no reason for a full-time legislature.

I understand that feeling. However, I was hoping Mr. Richie might address the clear fact that a state the size of Texas needs a full-time legislature. This stuff about about bills dying at the end because the session is over is crazy.

It should not be like a football game where a game-closing drive falls short because the clock runs out.

I was also hoping Mr. Richie might offer some optimism about the prospect of a Democratic legislative majority in the next few years.

While I’ll admit to some doubts, I do think it is possible a Democratic legislative majority could make Texas at least a somewhat better place in the near future.

If we are looking for a Democratic legislature, would it not be best if it met full-time so it could do more good?

If things can’t get better, why should we bother with politics at all? If Mr. Richie can’t imagine a better future, what good is he?

May 30, 2007 Posted by | Politics, Texas | 4 Comments