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Houston-Cincinnati Flight Lacks First Class Section—Am I Going Nowhere?

The Houston-Cincinnati flight that I take twice a year has no first class section. Does this mean the airline views all passengers on this flight as second class? Am I a low rent person who should be denied even the chance for an upgrade?

(Above is a first class suite on an Emirates Airline Boeing 777-200LR. Looks nice.)

The easiest explanation for the absence of a first class is that the jet that flies between Houston and Cincinnati has something like 55 seats, and is not large enough for a first class section. This brings up other questions. Am I going places in life others avoid? Am I headed nowhere?

It could be that for a plane flying over our so-called “heartland”, it would seen as out of character to make a class distinction between passengers.  As we fly along and over the Mississippi River and the Ohio River, we are all just so many Huck Finns (Below–Huck Finn) on a lazy raft up and down the river.


Most likely though, the view is that only a lower class of citizens would be flying to these places and  my status as a semi-regular on this flight helps confirms this fact. 

Lacking an incentive to better myself, since no first class is even available, I seem certain to have no better fate in life but to be a blogger for all the rest of my days.   

As I sit on the Houston-Cincinnati flight later this week, I’ll reflect on what has gone wrong. If only I had booked a ticket to a first class destination, everything in my life would be different.    

(On my way to Cincinnati I’ll be flying over the Louisville, KY home of the fine blogger who writes Ohio River, Left Bank, MP 606.)

(Here is my review of my last Houston-Cincinnati flight. It was quite an adeventure.)

(The Houston-Cincinnati flight will be aboard an Embraer ERJ 145 such as seen below.)  

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  1. ** The easiest explanation for the absence of a first class is that the jet that flies between Houston and Cincinnati has something like 55 seats, and is not large enough for a first class section. **

    If you’re flying Continental, then no, their ExpressJet Embraers don’t have a first class section.

    But Northwest does offer a first-class section in jets of that size.

    And Southwest offers no first class section in their 737s, which hold many more people.

    It’s not so much a function of the size of the jet as the airline and its business plan.

    Comment by kevin whited | November 21, 2008

  2. I say it is slap in the face against all Cincinnati Houston travelers. This my account and I’ll be sticking with it.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | November 21, 2008

  3. Don’t feel bad Neil. I’m in Columbus right now and got here via Embraer 145. No first class in other words. Not that I’d be flying it if there were. I guess I’m just low class too.

    Comment by DP | November 21, 2008

  4. Then all those rumors about black folks getting bumped up to first class for free after Obama’s election were not true? What about how I’ve heard that you folks won’t have to file taxes anymore? Any truth in that? What is that man doing for you if you still have to sit with people like myself?

    Comment by Neil Aquino | November 21, 2008

  5. You can’t believe everything you hear my friend. Obama ain’t done jack for me yet. I suppose just like the O.J. prize there’s no truth to the rumor. I didn’t get sh*t anyway. Or maybe I just didn’t the memo. I’ll make sure I at least ask for the upgrade on my way home. And hell, I didn’t make enough to file taxes anyway this year. Can a brotha get a handout like big business?

    Comment by DP | November 21, 2008

  6. I think I have to dispute your assertion that you’re not a first-class traveler. Every time I try to book a flight to the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Airport (motto: we’re Delta’s bitch!), they want to charge me first-class prices. From Boston it’s cheaper to fly to Los Angeles than Cincinnati. What’s worse, I’ve found on a few occasions that it’s actually cheaper to fly to Dayton–changing planes in Cincinnati!–than Cincinnati.

    All of which is to say, if you can afford to fly to Cincinnati on your own dime, you’re already at first-class status.

    Comment by Brendan | November 21, 2008

  7. DP—Looks like you are still not going to get paid. Not unless you can show that your going broke will take the rest of us down with you.

    Brendan–No. What you’re discussing is the same as how they charge more for produce in poor urban areas than in nicer suburban supermarkets. It is expensive to be low-rent-no class.

    Comment by Neil Aquino | November 22, 2008

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