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Should Dead Or Alive’s Brand New Lover Be Our New National Anthem?

A few months back I asked if Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring should be made the new national anthem.  I still think that is a good idea. But if that idea does not catch on, I vote for Dead Or Alive’s 1986 hit Brand New Lover to be made our new national anthem.

Some might say You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) should be enshrined as our national song. I hear this said all the time. Still, I go with this other great hit as best to inspire our nation.  

Brand New Lover popped into my head earlier today. Random things just don’t pop up in your head without larger meaning. Right? It’s some sort of message I’m being sent. I think it would be great for our military to stand at attention for this New Wave classic. Or for it to be sung before sporting events.

Here is the link to the video on YouTube. Maybe we could play the video with the song as we raised the flag.  

Here are the first few lines of Brand New Lover— 

Your sweet nature, darling
Was too hard to swallow
I’ve got the solution

I’m leaving tomorrow
And now as I stand
And stare into your eyes
I see safety there–
I want surprises

What I really need to do
Is find myself a brand new lover
Somebody with eyes for me
Who doesn’t notice all the others
What I really need to do
Is find a brand new lover.

Below is a picture from the Brand New Lover  video.  They are cowboys in a corral. I love stuff like that. I miss the 80’s sometimes.

What song would like to have as our new national anthem? With so much Change taking place in our country, I figure that everything is on the table.  

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