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Where The Ohio River River Flows Into The Mississippi River At Cairo, Illinois Is My Point Of Creation—Since Beginnings Are Inexplicable, You Can Create Your Own

Above is a picture of where the Ohio River flows into the Mississippi River.

The Mississippi is on the left and the Ohio is on the right. The town between the rivers in Cairo, Illinois.

I took this picture from an airplane last month as I flew from Houston to Cincinnati.

Most times when I fly between Houston and Cincinnati, the plane passes over Cairo.

I’ve decided to make personal creation myth or story.  I’ve picked this spot as the place where I began.

You can pick your own place.

Beginnings are at bottom line inexplicable. We can create any story that fits our needs and what we feel the facts to be.

Here are three things that define me—

1. I was formed when the elements were formed for the first time. So were you.

2. I’m as American as they come.

3. I’m the person I am in day-to-day life. Everyday life is of great value.

Everything you need to understand the world is around you each day. These things are accessible with effort and imagination.

Cairo is all the things that I am.

Cairo is a place with both land and water.  It is a place I’ve often seen from the air. It is where two big rivers combine to make an even bigger single river.

It is a place where the elements are present and where something is created. It is a mini-Big Bang of rivers.

There is little more American than the Ohio River and Mississippi River.

And while I value the New England and Texas aspects of who I am, I’m Midwesterner at core.

I can’t think of a better place for things to have begun than where two great American rivers meet in Illinois.

Not only all that, but Missouri and Kentucky are also in this picture.

Missouri is on the left, Kentucky is on the right, and Illinois is the peninsula in the center.

In addition to passing over Cairo in the air, I’ve also driven to where the rivers meet.

When my wife and I drove from Cincinnati to Houston in 1998 while moving to Houston to live, we stopped in Cairo to see where the rivers met up.

As I fly over this point twice each year to go back to Cincinnati, I think of how the wife and I where there, and I think about our good life of the past 14 years in Houston.

My existence as someone formed at the very beginning, as an American, and as an individual—These things all come together at Cairo, Illinois

I can’t speak for you—I have no interest in speaking for you—but Cairo, Illinois and where the Ohio River and Mississippi River merge is the place where I began.

Create your own place of origin and make the best use possible of your talents.

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There Is No Such Place As So-Called Flyover Country

Yesterday I flew from Houston to Chicago.

With this post is a picture I took from the airplane.

I’m not certain what state is shown in this picture. It might be Missouri, Kentucky or Illinois.

Not knowing which state is pictured does not mean I view these places as so-called flyover country.

All places are interesting and have value. I always get a window seat when I take an airplane trip so I can see what is going on down below.

All people, all places and all moments have value.

The picture here shows some irrigation.

We should irrigate our lives with friendship, thought, action and flexibility.

Metaphor and the physical world give each other form and purpose.


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Jet Travel & Mobile Communication Are Everyday Modern Marvels

Jet travel is an everyday modern marvel.

We are able to fly over the place.

I’m at the airport in Houston right now looking at airplanes.

Soon I’ll be up in the air on one of these planes.

I’ll be posting from Chicago and the Chicago-area this week.

Mobile communications are an everyday modern marvel as well.


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Nothing Wrong With Some Guidance To Help Get Us Where We Are Going

There is nothing wrong with asking for some guidance to help us get we are going.

Here is the air traffic control tower in Houston as seen from the airplane I was on 3 days ago.

I had just landed.

Here is some history of air traffic control.

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Time To Catch The Flying Flat Boat Back To Texas

It is time to catch the flying flat boat for the return trip from Cincinnati to Houston.

Often this flight traces the route of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers

Picture is of Ohio River from Cincinnati’s Eden Park this afternoon.

Peace and blessings to all.

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Flights In Last 18 Months—We Can Always Book The Next Flight Even If The Last Flight Was Turbulent

Flights I’ve taken—all of which began in Houston— in last 18 months:

1. 2/10–Routine trip home to Cincinnati to see parents and friends.

(Above–The Ohio River is still hazy from the sky right before you are told to turn off all electronic devices on your approach to Cincinnati.)

2. 3/10– Unexpected trip to Chicago for a family death on wife’s side.

3. 7/10–Routine trip to Cincinnati to see parents and friends.

4 7/10—Vacation to Seattle with wife.

(Below–Between Houston and Seattle. Though, as you might guess, this is much closer to Seattle than it is to Houston.)

5. 1/11–Visit with ill father in Cincinnati. Also saw friends.

6. 3/11–Visit to ill father in Cincinnati and death of father. Also saw friends.

7. 8/11–Trip to R.I. with wife to help put dad’s ashes in sea. Saw family. It was also a vacation.

8. 8/11–Trip home to Cincinnati next week to see mom and friends.

If we stay the course—and get can a window seat on the airplane since I enjoy seeing what the world looks like from the air—we can make progress in life and enjoy life even when things don’t always go as we would wish. We can always book the next flight even if the previous flight was turbulent.

(Below–Clouds looks pretty much the same no matter where you are in the sky.)

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Structure Is Freedom—A Plane Is Able To Fly For A Reason

The Hospice people I talked today to in regards to the terminally ill person in my life were solid. I spoke to three nurses and a social worker.

The folks at Hospice do the work of existence.

Existence has a structure of life and death. Freedom comes from structure.

In an airplane last week, I thought about how the plane can fly because existence has a structure that we make use of to gain the speed and mobility of air travel.

Today I saw the Ohio River flood its banks because it has been raining. (Above –The flooding Ohio River today.)

Seeing the flooding river, I was thankful for existence, structure, and freedom.

(Below—A river–either the Mississppi or the Ohio– as seen for my airplane window in February of last year.)

(Photos copyright 2011 Neil Aquino)

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The Airplane Trip I’m Taking Soon Has Value—Let Us Do Our Best In A Complicated World

I’m going to take an airplane trip in the next few days.

I’ll be flying on the type of plane you see above. That plane is a Embraer ERJ 145. ( Photo by n4451.)

Why will I be taking this airplane trip?

Because I’ve made the call that the money it costs to buy the ticket, the time it will take to make the flight, and the time I’ll spend in the place I am visiting, are worth the costs.

This is not to define what we do with our lives as no more than mere financial transactions. The power of money should conform to needs of people, not the other way around.

A nation governed on an opposing principle is a nation governed illegitimately.

Every decision we make has some basis. We have the ability as individuals to determine why we should act in one way and not in another. We have the ability as individuals to use our resources of money, time, and energy in the way we see fit.

Yet if the basis of our decisions extends no further than our own interests, we are giving up the best aspect sof our individuality.

As individuals, we have the ability to be with others in hopeful relationships, and to work with others for shared goals.

Every action has a cost. This is good. This helps assess the value of the way we spend our lives.

There is, of course, another question. Does the trip I’ll be taking merit the impact my flight will have on others I do not know?

On one hand, my ticket will help pay people’s salaries.  On the other hand, the airplane will emit pollution.

I don’t have the answer to the worth of this trip in this context.

I don’t have all the answers.

To say you do not have all the answers is not to abdicate responsibility for your actions.

Rather, it is a commitment to think life out to the extent you are able.

The things we need to assess the value and worth of our actions are all around us.

Our relationships, our thoughts, an airplane and other accessible technologies, our energy, our time, other people, our imaginations.

Let us do our best in a complicated world.

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Up In The Air

I’m up in the air today.

The picture in this post is of what I believe to be Mt. Rainier. I took this picture last summer.

It is unlikely I will see Mt. Rainier in-between Cincinnati and Houston.

Yet I do think we must acknowledge that we are all off course to at least some degree in our lives.

Still—I am hopeful about reaching my destination both today, and in the journeys ahead.

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Ever Watch An Airplane Ascend And Feel Lonely Even Though You Have A Pretty Good Life?

Ever watch an airplane ascend and feel lonely even though you have a pretty good life?

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Houston-Cincinnati Flight Lacks First Class Section—Am I Going Nowhere?

The Houston-Cincinnati flight that I take twice a year has no first class section. Does this mean the airline views all passengers on this flight as second class? Am I a low rent person who should be denied even the chance for an upgrade?

(Above is a first class suite on an Emirates Airline Boeing 777-200LR. Looks nice.)

The easiest explanation for the absence of a first class is that the jet that flies between Houston and Cincinnati has something like 55 seats, and is not large enough for a first class section. This brings up other questions. Am I going places in life others avoid? Am I headed nowhere?

It could be that for a plane flying over our so-called “heartland”, it would seen as out of character to make a class distinction between passengers.  As we fly along and over the Mississippi River and the Ohio River, we are all just so many Huck Finns (Below–Huck Finn) on a lazy raft up and down the river.


Most likely though, the view is that only a lower class of citizens would be flying to these places and  my status as a semi-regular on this flight helps confirms this fact. 

Lacking an incentive to better myself, since no first class is even available, I seem certain to have no better fate in life but to be a blogger for all the rest of my days.   

As I sit on the Houston-Cincinnati flight later this week, I’ll reflect on what has gone wrong. If only I had booked a ticket to a first class destination, everything in my life would be different.    

(On my way to Cincinnati I’ll be flying over the Louisville, KY home of the fine blogger who writes Ohio River, Left Bank, MP 606.)

(Here is my review of my last Houston-Cincinnati flight. It was quite an adeventure.)

(The Houston-Cincinnati flight will be aboard an Embraer ERJ 145 such as seen below.)  

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