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People Who Owned Mean Rotten Dog Now Won’t Take Down John McCain Sign

Not far from a home I lived in for many years in Cincinnati, was a house where was kept a horrible mean dog. Every time I would walk past that house, this big terrible dog, which was kept tied up outside, would bark and lunge at me.

I hated that dog and I despised the people who keep such a dog that scared people who were just passing by.

In my most recent visit to Cincinnati, which ended yesterday, this same house had in its lawn a John McCain sign. They have this sign up even though the election was over three weeks ago.

It’s been a few years now, but I’ll bet you the same rotten people live in that house.

I’m glad that dog is dead now. And while I don’t wish harm to come on the people who live in that house, I will say they are the same miserable rotten folks they were a decade ago.

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Gay Canadian Flag


Here is a gay Canadian flag that I took a picture of in Galveston, Texas.

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