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Let’s Win It For Paul Wellstone

With the big day almost here, let’s not forget the great liberal Paul Wellstone.

Senator Wellstone of Minnesota died six years ago, but his deeds and ideas live on. I think Senator Wellstone was the one politician I have had true faith in for all the years I have followed politics.

Here is the link to Wellstone Action!

Hopefully, the Republican who took Senator Wellstone’s seat will be defeated tomorrow.

In any case, we can hope that the better days Senator Wellstone worked so hard for are finally here.

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Election Eve Photo Of Mini-Horse

Above is Thumbelina. Thumbelina is the world’s smallest horse. Thumbelina is 17 inches tall.

(Update–4/28/10—Einstein, a mini-horse that lives in New Hampshire, may now be the smallest horse in the world.)

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Hey California Obama Voters—Stop Hassling Gay Folks

There is a mean-spirited initiative on the ballot in California that would prohibit gay folks from getting married.

There is concern that increased minority turnout in California for the Obama campaign will help advocates of this obnoxious ban.

Come on everybody–Life is brief and brutal. Let folks have the life and the relationships that they want to have in the short time we have on this Earth.

We all know Senator Obama would not vote for this ban in the privacy of the voting booth.

Discrimination of all kinds is wrong. There was a time when the most important personal relationships of black folks could be torn apart without consequence. Why would anybody want to come between people who just want to have a life together?

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If Massachusetts Repeals State Income Tax, Maybe They Could Rename The State “Texas.”

Massachusetts has an initiative on the ballot that would repeal the state income tax.

Latest polls have the issue failing, but not by much.

(Above–What might as well be Massachusetts.)

If the people of Massachusetts choose to repeal the state income tax, maybe they could just rename the state “Texas.” Texas has no income tax.

Massachusetts could have our high poverty rate and absence of basic services. Maybe the folks up in Boston and Gloucester and Worcester could even start executing people like we do down here.

Howdy Massachusetts! Why don’t you folks pull the trigger and become the new Texas. We’d love to look up north and see you Yankees living as we do.

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