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Resentment Is A Many Layered Lasagna

Before the election, I wondered what it would feel like if Senator Obama were to win.

Would life be wonderful and I’d be hugging folks on the street? Or would the stench of the Bush years be difficult to wash off?

It’s been in-between. As such I’ve come to see resentment as a many layered lasagna. At least in this instance. I’m glad about the election, but I’ve not been able to see my way forward to universal love of the human family. 

As the days pass, the layers of resentment are shed. Or in this case, speared by the fork of victory until the plate of frustration is clean.  

You can’t forget the Bush years in only a week. Especially while the man is still in the White House. And it’s not only Bush. It’s all the years of Reagan and Gingrich and the other Bush.

I’m 41 and the best I’ve ever known is Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. That’s not really all that much to be glad about.

And yet–Maybe better days have finally arrived. Maybe I can now eat away at the many layered lasagna of resentment, instead of having the resentment eat away at me.

Here is a spinach lasagna recipe. 

( Please see here how hope is a rocket that breaks the gravity of resentment.)

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After Hurricane Ike & Election, I Find My Brain Is Now Like Mashed Potatoes

I find that after Hurricane Ike here in Houston, and then a stressful election, that my brain is becoming like mashed potatoes.

Above you see very fancy mashed potatoes that suit my vanity over my brains.

Or, a very small serving of mashed potatoes that matches other folk’s assessment of my wits.

It’s going to be time for a Thanksgiving blog break soon.

Here is a recipe for mashed potatoes.

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