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Where I Want To Be In Life Is In A Channel Just Off The Mainstream

Where I want to be in life is in a channel just off the mainstream.

(Above is the Vivari Channel. This body of water, which is in Albania, links Lake Butrint with the Straits of Corfu.)

This is where I want to be even after the election of Barack Obama. I’m happy about election day. Yet I don’t forget that the Democratic Party is one of two mainstream parties and as such strongly reflects a culture and a society I’m wary of.

And one good election day does not undo all the years of Reagan, Gingrich and all these lousy Bush Presidents we’ve had.

At the same time, I value connection. A channel often connects one thing to another. A channel will many times be not far from the mainstream in case I have something to offer, or if there is something worth experiencing in the primary current.

Below is a picture of the Houston Ship Channel. This is a body of water that, in essence, dead ends in Houston. However, it connects Houston to the oceans of the world. It’s great to have that connection and, also, to be able to find safe harbor in a place where you can get things in order and prepare for the next voyage.

In a channel just off the mainstream is where I can be found. This is the place that best suits my political views, my assessment of the culture, and my personality. 

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