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Things I Am Tired Of

Here are things I am tired of–

1. White liberals who flock to cultural issues but who are mostly silent on economic issues.

2. Black politicians and ministers who cut deals behind the scenes with nefarious interests in exchange for (alleged) influence with black voters.

3. Warring factions within minority voting groups that fight it out for transient influence and for crumbs thrown from the majority culture, while the people they say they represent get nowhere.

4. Urban Democratic parties that take minority voters, poor folks and liberals for granted.

5. Union leaders who won’t take a smaller hit now to hold off a bigger hit down the line.

6. Working class white voters—ones who are not simply hardcore Republicans— who have to be convinced every election season to vote to help themselves and others, instead of voting based on irrational fears.

7. Potential minority voters who year after year make excuse after excuse for low voter turnout.

November 15, 2008 Posted by | Politics | | 3 Comments