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Texas Progressive Alliance Bloggers Talk Turkey

Here is the weekly round-up from your Texas Progressive Alliance Bloggers. Click the links and read these top bloggers talk turkey on Texas politics.

All liberal and progressive Texas bloggers care a great deal about food safety. Here are the USDA guidelines on buying and preparing a turkey. 

Here is information on veggie turkey.

Here is the link to the town of Turkey, Texas. Turkey is in Hall County and has a population of just under 500. Above is a poor photo of Turkey, Texas. It’s the best I could find. You can make out well enough the word “Turkey” up on the water tower. I’m sorry to report that Hall County voted 74%-26% for Senator McCain over Senator Obama.

I do indeed wish a happy Thanksgiving to the people of Hall County, but they need to get with the program.   

The round up–

Barfly at McBlogger takes a moment to remind all of us that we better not fu*k with Barbie.

Ruth Jones McClendon gets the Speaker’s race dangerously wrong says CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme.

Vince at Capitol Annex takes a look at the race for Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives and provides answers to two important questions: is a secret ballot legal and will a secret ballot doom Tom Craddick?

Phillip at BOR counts heads for the Speaker votes, and finds that Craddick’s ceiling of support is much lower than most realize.

The Texas Cloverleaf attempts to stop the H8 in Denton, with over 120 people; and explains why the marriage amendment in Texas, and other states, is not valid.

TxSharon atTexas Kaos warns of what should be unthinkable, but in too many Texas towns and cities is a real danger: Imagine If This Pipeline Explosion Happened In Your Front Yard.

Dembones at Eye On Williamson maps the Democratic resurgence in Williamson County in The color purple.

jobsanger looks at a change coming to the Democratic Party in Dean To Resign as DNC Head, and another change that is needed when he has his 1st Disagreement With Obama over kicking Lieberman out of the Senate Democratic Caucus.

Neil at Texas Liberal posted this week on the subject of Ass Headed Demons. An upcoming new feature on Texas Liberal is going to be the Ass Headed Demon list. Stay tuned and see who makes the list. It might someday even be you!

Off the Kuff analyzes where and when the vote was in Harris County.

Donna at Texas Education ponders her future as a Catholic in these days of Eucharastic litmus tests.

BossKitty at TruthHugger recognizes that Disasters Increase BioHazards – Global Health Is Personal and sees the media flashing more stories about “green living” “low carbon footprint” and “fuel economy”. But underlying all that, is the unspoken reality that floods, fires, earthquakes, etc, unearth buried hazards from past and present irresponsible behavior, and are seeping back into our lives.

John Coby at Bay Area Houston says Stephanie Simmons was a candidate for State Senator in Texas Senate District 17 running as a so-called “Democrat”, but her campaign donations say otherwise. See Raising Campaign Cash 2008: Stephanie Simmons.

The week-long drama of Paul Bettencourt’s continuing attempts to suppress the last of the Harris County votes, the Texas Democratic Party’s legal action against him, and the anticlimactic outcome was dutifully chronicled by PDiddie at Brains and Eggs.

Looks like the neocon flamethrowers in the media barely waited for the ink to dry on Election Day results to commence with their right-wing fabrications. The Texas Blue takes a look at the first salvo.

Over 300 protests took place over the weekend against California’s Proposition 8, which reversed marriage equality in that state. North Texas Liberal has stories and photos from the protest march that took place in Washington, D.C.

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