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Blogging Is Hubristic By Definition & Meet The Staff Behind Texas Liberal


 Blogging is, quite often at least, an act of hubris and an act of self-definition. ( A bit how people here in Texas— correctly or not— like to see themselves.)  

You might inquire that if it is an act of self-definition, why not create yourself as humble? Good question. I think one can be both humble and assertive at the same time.

Anyone looking for an audience understands they are not in full control of their fate.  Yet one must also be assertive to find an audience.    

At core, a blogger is a man, woman or child sitting alone at a computer with the notion that someone else will care what he or she has to say. It’s one person sending out his or her thoughts into the big world. It requires a thick skin. I’m not all the way there on that yet, but I’ll get there.    

A blog post is a hit-or-miss prospect. Some work. Some don’t. Some work for reasons you did not expect. Others surprise you for why they fall flat.   

I can’t imagine anyone who spends a lot of time writing a blog who does not feel an emotional investment in the success of the blog and in how people react to the blog. The good news is that we always have the ability to define success in our own way and in our own context.  ( An advantage of self-definition.) 

For me, success is defined by working hard at the blog, being creative, growing my readership and having the best blog in Texas. (Please click here to see why I have the best blog in Texas and possibly beyond Texas.)

Please see above my home computer and my staff.

The computer is a called a “Colossus”

Thank you for reading the blog and please recall that a blogger is a lone human being just the same as you.

Hubris and sincere courtesy and appreciation need never be at odds

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