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Congress Wrong To Act On Either MoveOn Or Rush Limbaugh

Congress is wrong to become involved in the free speech rights of either online advocacy group Moveon.org or radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh. 

It is no surprise that my terrible Senator, John Cornyn of Texas, offered the resolution in the Senate to condemn MoveOn.  

Both Moveon and Mr. Limbaugh have made recent statements seen by some as overly harsh or somehow  improper about persons involved with the War in Iraq.

Anyone can say anything they want about the war and about people fighting the war.

Congress condemned MoveOn in a formal vote. That was wrong. Now some in Congress want to condemn Mr. Limbaugh. This is wrong as well.

These issues are fine for campaign speeches.

However, when Congress gets into the business of voting on the merits of what should be protected free speech, we all risk losing our most basic freedoms.   


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The So-Called Independent Voter—Annoying, Annoying, Annoying


Is anything more annoying than the so-called independent voter?

(Answer– Yes, some things are, but most things are not.)

A recent New York Times story discusses some of these self-described voters in New Hampshire.

In 2000 many New Hampshire independents voted for John McCain. In 2008, many are considering Barack Obama.

How do you go from Senator McCain to Senator Obama? These are two very different candidates with very different views on most questions.  Is this independence or is it just about being all over the map? Is it about looking for some alleged “maverick” candidate who meets your conception of yourself?  

The Times article describes these voters in this way—“As a rule, they are middle and upper income, college educated, socially moderate, fiscally conservative, anti-Washington…..”

The other thing I bet could be added is that they are more a white demographic than the country as a whole.

This sounds like libertarian-lite in my view.

The Times also reports—They tend to pay less attention to the contest until the very end and are less likely to vote. As a group, they are volatile and unpredictable…”

Great. Uninformed and incoherent.

I’ll take even a right-winger over the so-called independent.

Well……in an abstract sense at least.  At the bottom line, I’ll take whoever votes on my side.

That’s politics for you.

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Government In Burma Similar To Butcher Government Holding 2008 Olympics


Some Buddhist Monks in Burma have been killed and others are being sent to remote prisons for taking part in democracy protests.

This is reminiscent of the brutal crushing of democracy protests in China’s Tiananmen Square in 1989. 

China, like Nazi Germany in 1936 and Soviet Russia in 1980, was rewarded for this behavior by being selected to host the Summer Olympics.

In Burma, bloggers have risked their lives to get this story out.


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I’ve Read Miss Manners’ Book Cover-To-Cover As Manners Are Quite Democratic


 A great book is Miss Manners’ Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior. I’ve read this book cover-to-cover.

Manners are quite democratic. When we are polite to everybody, we convey the idea that all people have equal value. ( Miss Manners leans to the left despite the photo.)  

The Guide discusses  a variety of subjects over 854 pages. It deals with, as you might guess, how to properly use silverware and write thank you notes.

It also discusses etiquette for picket lines, tipping, and what to say when someone tells you of an impending divorce. ( Miss Manners says a quiet ” I wish you the best” is a good response.)

I would suggest Miss Manners for anybody who wants to treat all people with the respect existence merits.


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