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Political Poem #3—The City


Here is a poem I’ve written. It’s called The City.


The young man knows

Nobody cares.

They only speak to him

When appealing for calm. 


The city decided it had the money

To build a new football stadium.


There’s an extensive market for art in the city

Gallery openings take place all the time.


“Honey, let’s go into the city

There’s a new restaurant we should check out.”


The Chamber of Commerce features only a few neighborhoods

On its maps for tourists.


The Mayor said:

It’s important for us all to have civic spirit


The city is defined

By its sports teams

By its museums

By its entertainments.

The needs of the city’s citizens

Are rarely considered.    


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I Met Houston Councilmember Melissa Noriega This Evening

I met Houston City Councilmember Melissa Noriega this evening. I attended a fundraiser for her downtown.

Ms. Noriega’s first became aware of me, as far as I know, when I endorsed the Green Party candidate on the my blog in her special election race earlier this year.

Blogger Greg Wythe suggested I call her and talk to her and maybe my view would change.

I called Ms. Noriega. We talked for about 25 minutes and had a great conversation. I then wrote a post saying  Ms. Noriega was a good person and I was still going to vote for the Green candidate. 

I voted for Ms. Noriega in the runoff election after she failed to secure a majority in the first round.

Ms. Noriega and I have exchanged a few e-mails since. A few days ago she e-mailed me about the event tonight.

I did not talk to Ms. Noriega very much this evening . We were sitting at a table, but every 30 seconds somebody came over to talk to her as she attempted to eat some appetizers on a styrofoam plate.

I did however talk to her parents for about half-an-hour. Both Ms. Noriega’s mom and dad were very smart and courteous.         

In my brief conversation with Ms. Noriega, I felt she had acquired these same virtues from her folks.

A test of leadership and maturity is to move past initial disagreements. Some of the best relationships I’ve had  have been with people I at first did not get along with.

Another test of leadership is to express an interest in understanding the motives and reasons behind someone who at first appears to be an opponent.

Ms. Noriega has shown these leadership qualities.      

Hopefully I will have a further chance to talk with Ms. Noriega.     

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