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Links To Three Strong Blogs


 Here are links to three strong blogs.

The Yellow Doggerell Democrat is a Houston-based political blog run by Steven Bates. I think this blog strikes a great mix of political news and views along with personal creativity.

The Field Negro  is out of Philadelphia.  It’s owned by attorney Wain Bennett. It’s another example of the personal creativity for a larger cause that blogging allows. The scroll down the right side of the blog is solid work. As is the commentary within the regular posts.

A History of American Women, run by MaggieMac from North Fort Meyers Florida, is about women in Colonial America. It’s clear that a lot of work goes into this blog.

Regular readers will know that I’ve been writing a number of posts about colonial history in recent months. 

The amount of media content in our lives between printed materials, radio, TV and online is overwhelming. I think these three blogs are worth your time.

The drawing is of a Glyptodon —A giant armadillo of the past.

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