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Would Blogger Be In Modern Version Of Noguchi’s News?

The above is a picture of a sculpture called “News” from 1938. It is located in Rockefeller Center in New York City.

If this sculpture was created today, it might well portray someone sitting behind a computer.

Would that person be a blogger or a more traditional journalist?

It might be left up to the viewer of the work to decide.

I’m certain a woman would be in the updated version.

The sculptor was Isamu Noguchi. Click here for details of Noguchi’s life. 

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Republicans, Free Trade And Hard Questions


 A Wall Street Journal poll reports that Republicans by a nearly two-to-one margin believe free trade hurts the American economy.

This is a shift away from previous Republican support of free trade.

These issues are difficult because we can’t pull back from the rest of the world.

I feel the core of the matter is that neither party is being up-front about what free trade really means.

We’ve lived at a level of consumption and debt that the realities of the world will no longer permit.

At the same time we’ve allowed corporations to get the upper-hand with workers.

As citizens we’ve not asked ourselves the tough questions of how should we live and about the well-being of people in emerging economies.

Will any political leader ever step up to the truth and the hard facts on these issues?   

It is very difficult for average people to work this stuff out without help.

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