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Let’s Help Our Blogger Friends: Zambia


This is the first part of a new Texas Liberal series called Let’s Help Our Blogger Friends Around The World. Since I’m lucky to blog in basic freedom in the United States, it seems I should offer help to folks maybe not so lucky elsewhere in the world.     

Global Voices has a feature article about the rise of blogs in Zambia.

According to World Almanac And Book Of Facts 2007, Zambia is a nation in Africa of just over 11 million people. Under the British it was called Northern Rhodesia. Independence was gained in 1964.

The political history of Zambia since independence is a familiar story of corruption and a lack of basic freedoms.

Here is a link to some basic facts about Zambia.  

Here is a link to a blog called Issues Over Matters written by a Gersham Ndhlovu. Mr. Ndhlovu was at one point in conflict with the authorities in Zambia for his opposition to a third-term for a former Zambian President.  

Here is Zambia Forests by I.P.A Manning. This is about conservation in Zambia.

Here is New Zambia. This is a well-done blog of news and views.

The photo above is of a billboard put up by the Anti-Corruption League of Zambia. I think we should have such billboards here in America.

Here is a link to the photo credit for the picture.   

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An Opportunity For Christians & Bloggers On Burma Protests

Protests continue in Burma—or Myanmar—as Buddhist Monks at others risk their lives for freedom.

The above link is to the BBC. You’ll get a lot of information at the BBC on this subject.

Here is a chance for America’s right-leaning Christians, quick to claim injustice about any alleged attack on religious freedom, to speak up as monks are killed in cold blood.

Here is a chance for bloggers in America—both left and right— to be heard, as bloggers in Burma risk their lives to get information out of that country.    

This is an opportunity for all Americans to speak up as people in another country fight for values we claim are important.

Here is a blog from Burma called ko hitke’s prosaic collection.

Here is the blog Burma Digest.

Both of these are useful blogs with good pictures.

The cover story in The Economist this week is about Burma.  

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Tallest Building On Earth Should Go Up At Bissonnet & Ashby in Houston

Rice University-area NIMBY’s in Houston are protesting the possible construction of a 23 story building at the intersection of Bissonnet & Ashby.

These are people silent about the barbaric conditions of poverty that exist in much of Houston.

My only concern is that the proposed building is not tall enough.

Houston has no zoning. This issue went before the public in 1993 and the public said no.

Some city officials are suggesting that regulations for what-can-be-built-where may be needed in some cases.

Who will benefit from any future regulations? Poor folks? Working class folks?


If folks upset about this building want to work with a cross-section of Houston residents to make Houston a better place, then I am against this tall building.

Until that time, I hope the tallest building on Earth is constructed at the intersection of Bissonnet & Ashby.

As a model for builders, I’ve included above a picture of the Taipei 101 tower in Taipei, Taiwan. This is at current the tallest building in the world.      

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