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If Oprah Winfrey Were Really a “New Age Witch”, Life Would Be Much Better


 I recently came across a blog post that described Oprah Winfrey as a “New Age Witch.”  

I’m not an Oprah-basher.  Many of the books she suggests are quite good.  (Damn right–I am linking to Oprah’s Book Club. Hell, she had people reading Leo Tolstoy. ) And she is out front with her support of Senator Obama for 2008.

In fact, if Oprah were truly a “new age witch”, she might well wave a wand and make Senator Obama President. If Oprah had witch powers, I think people would read more often and be kinder to each other. 

I support the idea of Oprah as a new age witch. It would be a welcome short cut from bothering with the endless 2008 election and also an escape from tedious reminders from teachers for students to read.

Look at those Wicca people above. They don’t seem to be causing any trouble.

Here is a credit for that picture.

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