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If Houston Has $24 Million Extra For Police, We Have Money To Help Get Innocent People Out Of Jail

Ronald Gene Taylor is a Houston man who spent 14 years in prison for a rape he did not commit. He was recently released based on DNA evidence.  

Houston has a crime lab with a long history of sending innocent people to jail.

Mr. Taylor spoke yesterday before Houston City Council. He asked that the Mayor and Council look into other cases that might be similar to his situation.

The Houston Chronicle reports the following about Mr. Taylor’s remarks before City Council—

” (They)….vowed to devise a plan and quickly review 180 newly identified cases with crime lab evidence similar to Taylor’s. But they stopped short of proposing a concrete plan for reviewing the cases or committing resources for the effort.”  

Mayor Bill White just found $24 million dollars for more police. The city appeared to find that money out of the blue. If we can find that money, we can surely find the resources to help exonerate potentially innocent people wasting their lives in prison.  

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  1. Neil: Surprise, surprise, the state harms yet another innocent victim. See a trend developing? And to think that certain people want to make the state even bigger, more powerful, and even harder to question or challenge. To further distract the state from the few things that it should be doing and is actually capable of doing (i.e. building levees, dams, roads, bridges, and defending our shores) by having it engage in wild goose chases that cannot possibly succeed.

    I say that the city of Houston would have plenty of resources to provide criminal defense to the indigent, protect its indigent citizens from an absolutely intolerable crime right, and give its indigent children decent public education (I had the pleasure of attending college with more than a few products of Houston’s more notorious wards and they had quite a few stories to share, oh yeah they told me that your state is extremely racist as well but that is another story for another day) were they to … oh never mind.

    Comment by healtheland | October 11, 2007

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