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What Has Memphis, Tennessee Learned From King’s Death?


A recent heat wave in Memphis, Tennessee led to the death of at least 13 people in that city.

Many—maybe all— of these people lacked air conditioners. Not having air conditioners, they died from the heat.

I’ve been to Memphis once. In 1998. I spent an evening walking around Beale Street. Beale Street is the so-called Birthplace of the Blues.

What I saw on Beale Street were young black kids doing dance moves for mostly white tourists. The kids were hoping for a handout. I did not find Beale Street appealing.

Martin Luther King died in Memphis while fighting for striking sanitation workers.  

What progress has been made in Memphis since King’s death? It seems that whatever progress may have been made, much more remains to be done.   

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Instead Of Impeachment, Let’s Try Winning Elections Instead

An effort has begun to impeach Texas Governor Rick Perry. I don’t know that this movement is very widespread. Still, it is has attracted some press attention.

A leading cause among some of my excellent liberal and Democratic friends is the impeachment of President Bush.

I feel that impeachment is almost always a political act.

I wonder if there is any long-serving Governor in America or any President who has not committed some act that under the law would merit impeachment.

The better solution is to win elections. If you win the election then you have your person in office and you’re less frustrated with the course of events. 

This idea of winning elections can be extended to the crazy way the Texas House of Representatives elects a Speaker and selects committee chairs.

Instead of respecting the fact that the electorate placed one party in the majority and another party in the minority, a behind-the-scenes free-for-all takes place where members cross party lines in exchange for covert promises and sneaky deals.

I’m looking forward to the soon-to-come better day when Democrats win elections and Republicans are calling for various impeachements.   


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