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Do Local TV Stations Make Hurricanes In Secret Weather Labs?



Houston has been hit with a lot of rain today. The rain comes from former Tropical Storm Erin. Erin is no longer a named storm.

Our local TV stations have broken into regular programming to show flooded areas. They might tell you it is a public service. I’m less certain of the motives.

I wonder sometimes if local TV stations create tropical weather systems in secret labs and then dump them into the atmosphere.

These stations sure do get hyped-up over bad weather. They have super-double, triple-action, four-squared Doppler Radar systems to tell us what is on the way.

With Hurricane Dean likely to enter the Gulf of Mexico next week, our local affiliates in Houston will be in full hype mode.     

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Yep, I Voted For Perot Once—Every Vote I Have Cast For President


 Here is every vote I have made for the office of President  of the United States. 1988, 1992 and 1996 were  in Ohio. 2000 and 2004 were in Texas.  

1988—Democratic primary–Jesse Jackson ( Still my favorite vote), 1988 General—Mike Dukakis. 

1992—Dem. Primary—Jerry Brown ( My next favorite vote), 1992 General—Bill Clinton

1996 — Took the ballot of Ross Perot’s Reform Party in the Ohio primary and voted for Perot in the general. ( People don’t recall, but Perot ran somewhat to the left in 1996 and Clinton was going to win in any case.—-Anyway, that’s what I did. )

2000 —Signed to put Greens on the ballot in Texas and so was not allowed to vote in Democratic primary. Voted for Ralph Nader in the general.

2004 —Voted for John Kerry in primary and general.   

2008?—Edwards, Obama and Clinton in that order are my choices so far.  

I feel I’ve done the best I could with the options I had.

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Cairo, Illinois Reminds Me Of How Much I Love My Wife


One place I wanted to see for years was Cairo, Illinois. This is where the Ohio River flows into the Mississippi River.

Moving from Cincinnati to Houston in 1998, my wife and I found that Cairo was on the drive to Houston. We stood on an observation platform where the rivers meet. It was a good moment.

Now when I fly back to Cincinnati once or twice a year, the plane sometimes flies right over that point. Each time it does, I think about being there with my excellent wife.

The wife and I have also been to the point in Pittsburgh where the Ohio River begins. So Pittsburgh also makes me think of how much I love my wife. 

General Grant was camped out in Cairo for a time during the Civil War. General Grant reminds me how glad I am the North won the Civil War.    


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