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If Genghis Khan Came Back From Dead To Blog, Would He Have Something Interesting To Say Each Day?


If Genghis Khan or Leo Tolstoy or Sam Houston came back from the dead and started blogging, would they have something interesting or memorable to blog about 6 or 7 days a week?

I’m not certain they would. Does anybody have something interesting to write everyday of the week?

Are you the blog reader able to recall blog posts you read last week or last month? Do posts run together? Were they about news of the day and now maybe not so relevant?

I blog 6 or 7 days a week. Maybe it’s arrogance. 

I make a blog post and within a few days it is pretty much gone. It stays on the blog. It might have traffic directed to it by a search engine. Still, for most posts, the moment is past.

Old blog posts don’t quite die—But they do fade away.

So in the interest of reviving better posts I’ve made, I’ve put up three best post tags on the right side of the blog. They are under where it says “Categories.”

I’ve listed about 10% of all my posts. That sounds about right. When you get down to it, if one post in ten has some lasting value you’ve done well.

I also blog at Where’s the Outrage? and I have a featured political blog with the Houston Chronicle.

I imagine people start blogs because they want to communicate something in life before they die.

I think most people have something of value to communicate. I don’t know of much more basic than the need to communicate. More than anything else we do, communication is how we hold off the sadness and loneliness we know is never very far away.      

August 30, 2007 Posted by | Blogging, Relationships | 3 Comments