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Government Intervention For Wall Street, But Not For Kid’s Health Insurance

The Federal Reserve has cut interest rates once already and may do so again this week in order to calm down jittery Wall Steet.   

At the same time, our morally sick President Bush is fighting against the extension of health insurance to working -class and middle-class uninsured kids.

Government intervantion is okay for Wall Street, but not for hard-working Americans and their children.

What a warped country.      

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New York’s Governor Spitzer Should Find The High Road


New York’s Democratic Governor Eliot Spitzer is, depending on the day, a crusading champion of the people against Wall Street or a testosterone-poisoned bully.

Governor Spitzer’s office has recently been involved in a dirty-tricks scandal. It’s alleged that the governor’s office used state police to illegally monitor the actions of Republican State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno.

Don’t worry though—The long-standing no-good Republican majority in the New York Senate is up to the task of making even hard-charging Governor Spitzer appear sympathetic.

A political consultant working for New York Senate named Roger Stone Jr., is alleged to have called Governor Spitzer’s 83 year-old father with threats of arrest and insults directed at his son.

The New York Times reports today that this Mr. Stone, while still a teenager, attempted to recruit a mole to infiltrate the presidential campaign of Senator George McGovern in 1972. 

Governor Spitzer needs to get out of this mess and live up to the promise of his administration. Liberals beyond New York were hopeful about Mr. Spitzer when he was elected last November.

Now that he’s been given a political gift by this ham-handed Republican thug, the Governor should take the high road with his critics and resume his focus on advocacy for average folks.     

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I’ve Added Rick Noriega & Al Franken Campaigns To My Blogroll

I’ve added the U.S. Senate Campaigns of Rick Noriega in Texas and Al Franken in Minnesota to my blogroll. That way you can click right to those locations and donate some money.

I’ve donated $75 to the Noriega campaign and I also intend to donate to the Franken campaign. I don’t want no-good Norm Coleman sitting in the Senate seat once held by the great liberal Paul Wellstone.    

Please also consider a donation to Wellstone Action!  Wellstone Action does a great job training liberal activists, campaign staff and candidates.  

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Regulate Houston Strip Joints—Sex Belongs In The Home


A recent federal court ruling strongly boosts efforts by the City of Houston to force strip clubs and other sex related business places to relocate if they are proximate to a school, church, day-care center or park.This ruling is expected to force the closure of at least some of these operations. 

I wish the nearest sexually orientated business were orbiting Jupiter. Sex belongs in the home. Or at least in a car between consenting persons.

I’m an ideologue and ideologues are often puritanical. Instead of being at the strip joint, what people need to be doing is liberating themselves and fighting for their rights.

Or at least reading a book.  

(What rights am I fighting for with the time I spend following baseball? None of your damn business—That’s the rights I’m fighting for.)

Also, the official line on my mother’s side is that my family is off the Mayflower. (How I miss most stores being closed on Sundays as they were when I was a kid in Rhode Island.)  So these impulses are in my blood.

But the story does not end there. The family tree is also said to include that great religious dissenter Roger Williams—The Founder of Rhode Island.

Williams (image above) wanted nothing to do with the ruling clergy of Massachusetts.

I can have puritan leanings and be a free thinker at one time. Politics is both circumstance and imagination.

I see the world as it is, consider the past, imagine the future, and self-create my political identity within those parameters. I have plenty of leeway within those parameters.

This self-creation is how I can be an ideologue and mentally flexible at the same time. If you don’t go with the flow you’ll have fewer friends. If you have strong views and can go with the flow your friends will think all the more of you.

So yeah….I have a right-leaning view on strip joints and at the same time I’m a Paul Wellstone Democrat.

It’s all in the mind.       

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