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I’m Not Alone And Neither Is The Blue Whale


In the Audubon Society’s Guide to Marine Mammals of the World, a comparison is made between a school of dolphins and a single solitary Blue Whale.

(To my surprise, the book indicates Blue Whales can off occur of the Texas coast in the Gulf of Mexico.)

The dolphin school is likely feeding and “… is probably a temporary gathering…” On the other hand, the Blue Whale “may be in acoustic communication with one or more other Blue Whales many miles away.”

Reading this, I felt an identification with that one Blue Whale. I spend a lot of time alone, but I don’t regard myself as anti-social.

I often use time alone to consider my next blog post or to think about things I would like to say to others. I use time alone to consider how I want to behave around others and to digest interactions I have had with friends or at work.

My time alone is not used for communication in the direct sense that the big whale is practicing. But it is often used in way that will help me communicate with others.

We see a number of people together and we may assume that they are out and being social. We may feel that way regardless of the quality of conversation taking place or the despite the possible absence of enduring relationships between people in the group.

We see someone alone and we may assume that she is in all regards by herself.

In many important respects, the opposite of our assumptions may well be the case.   

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