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Martin Luther King’s Legacy Let Down In Houston And In Atlanta

I can’t overstate how dumb I find the ongoing dispute between the rival forces who stage Martin Luther King Day parades here in Houston. For the nine years I’ve lived here, a fight has gone on over what group will hold what parade at what time.

I’ve read stories about the issue, but I have to admit I don’t know the players involved. This is because I don’t care. Just work it out. 

I once called the office of Councilwoman Ada Edwards and asked if they have ever sought to try and solve the dispute. I spoke to a very nice and informed person who said that Ms. Edwards had once been involved but that no solution could be found. I bet that is correct because these people sure do not seem reasonable.

Down in Atlanta, the King Center does not appear to accomplish a damn thing. Click the link here and see if you can figure out what they do. I guess one thing they try to do is sell you stuff.

Why is the legacy of Dr. King so often in the hands of people who can’t get things right?           

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Sam Houston In A Cincinnati Park


One of my favorite parks in Cincinnati is Burnet Woods.

(The above postcard in taken from Greetings From Cincinnati. The owner of that site kindly allowed me to use this image.)

Burnet Woods, which has a Texas connection, is located near the University of Cincinnati. It has an artificial pond constructed in 1875. I always enjoyed sitting by that pond when I lived in Cincinnati.

Old 19th-century photos of the park show it as a real meeting place for residents of nearby communities. Free concerts were held. Pedal-driven boats and row boats could be rented to ride out on the pond.

It’s easy to be nostalgic—Though one might wonder about segregation in the old-time amusements of the park.

I don’t figure the past was always so wonderful. What’s interesting to me are the relationships between the people who passed through Burnet Woods over the years.

I can recall some of the people I walked through Burnet Woods with 15 or 20 years ago. I know how those relationships turned out at least to this point. I know what became of many of those people at least to this point.

I also know that at some point the facts behind those relationships and the relationships themselves, for those that continue to this day, will be lost.

It never really hit me until my latest visit to Cincinnati last week, but Burnet Woods has a “Lone Star Pavilion.” This pavilion was donated by the “Sons of the Republic of Texas” in 1974. Cincinnati sent a gift of two cannons, called the “Twin Sisters”, to Sam Houston’s army. These cannons were used to help defeat Santa Anna at San Jacinto in 1836.

You can make of that what you will. It would interesting to know just who in Cincinnati sent the cannons and for what specific reason. I don’t think it was the town abolition society who sent the cannons.  ( Though Houston himself opposed Texas joining the Confederacy.)

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Effort And Imagination Makes Friendships

I have a friend named Nora who up until last week I had not seen in maybe 20 years.

I knew Nora when I was in college in Cincinnati. We hung out at the same bars and we knew some of the same people.

A couple of years ago I got to thinking about Nora. I recalled three things about her—

1. She often threw parties and one always felt welcome at her apartment.

2. When I spent a few weeks in Spain in 1988, Nora was one of two people to send me a letter while I was away.

3. Nora sent out holiday cards each year while most people I knew were out drinking and whatnot. I know I did not send out any holiday cards.

It occurred to me that if Nora had these qualities when we were, in essence, kids, that she might well still be a good person.

I tracked Nora down and e-mailed her. We talked on the phone a few times. Last week we had lunch in Cincinnati. She was willing to drive from her home in Columbus, Ohio 220 miles round-trip to have lunch with the wife and myself.

Now I’ve got a friend I’ll have for a long time ahead.   

Somewhere there is somebody from your past who would love to hear from you and would enjoy a renewed friendship.  With a little effort and imagination it can be worked out.    


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