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You Can’t Let People Like Karl Rove Define Your Actions

Karl Rove quit today. I guess he’ll come back to Texas.

The late Lee Atwater was a founding father of campaign sleaze.  He brought out Willie Horton against Mike Dukakis in 1988.

Mr. Atwater died at a young age of brain cancer. Near the end of his life he apologized for his tactics over the years.        

I can’t find the quote on a search engine, but I’m certain I recall that what Dukakis said in reply to Atwater’s apology was “At least he had the decency to apologize.”

I’ve wondered over the years about how Governor Dukakis responded. Was he right to be cold or should he have been more open to the apology? Maybe he should have gone and seen Mr. Atwater and try to figure out if the apology was sincere.     

I wonder if Mr. Rove will apologize for the harm he did when he reaches his final days. Or maybe even before that time.

I don’t blog much about people on the right. There are always going to be people on the other side and on the wrong side of the great debates. If I were running for office, I’d have to respond. I’m not running for office.

While misdeeds and bad people must be discussed and exposed, we should also not allow bad people to control and define our actions.

So I’ll use Mr. Rove’s departure to consider different concepts of forgiveness. 

I grant that Mr. Rove might have to cure cancer and give away that cure for free to find his full forgiveness. But I also know I’m not in any postion to say that a person is totally beyond redemption.      

We can retain hope about even the worst people so long as we also always work hard to fight injustice and create a better society.    

And we can almost always find a path to forgive people who have done far less harm than Mr. Rove has done. Given Mr, Rove’s misdeeds, that gives us plenty of leeway when it comes to others.

In any case, if I hate somebody then I’m just like Karl Rove.  

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Kraftwerk’s The Telephone Call Is First Video On Blog

A video on Texas Liberal. We’ll see how this goes. The Telephone Call by Kraftwerk.

What? You don’t speak German?  

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Cincinnati, Houston & Planet Venus—Hot As Hell


I’m just back from a week in Cincinnati. (Everyone vacations in Cincinnati—Right?) Every day I was there it was hot. On two days of my trip it reached 100 degrees.

Now back home in Houston, it is expected to be at least 100 each of the next two days.

It’s not just Earth where it is hot.

According to the 2006 New York Times Almanac, the average surface temperature on Venus is 867 degrees.    

( I’ll leave it to you to decide if the above picture is of Cincinnati, Houston or Venus) 

Says the Times Almanac—“The clouds and the high level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere have combined to trap heat in the lower atomosphere of venus. This is an extreme form of the greenhouse effect….”  

Some think life might be possible on Venus. A theory exists that microbes from a long ago ocean on Venus may have found a home up in the swirling hot clouds of that planet.     

Venus can be called the “morning star” because it is one of the brightest objects in the sky.

In his sermon “The Three Dimensions of a Complete Life“, Martin Luther King says that you might wish to see God as a “bright and morning star” in your life.

King saw the three dimensions of a complete life as rational self-concern, concern for others and loving God.    

The three planets closest to the sun are Mercury, Venus and the Earth.

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