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Congressman Culberson Says Stimulus Package Is Trojan Horse Meant To Turn America Into France

My Congressman here in Houston, John Culberson, has said the following about the proposed government stimulus package that will soon be passed in Congress and signed by President Barack H. Obama—

“Redistributing hard-earned tax dollars will do far more to expand the power of the federal government than it will to stimulate the economy,” said Rep. John Culberson, R-Houston. “This legislation is a Trojan horse that liberals are using to ultimately turn America into France, because it contains massive expansion of multiple federal programs that are utterly unrelated to stimulating the economy.”

Well, I sure hope all this is true.

I hope stimulus package dollars are used to build a Trojan Horse such as you see below….

( Here is a history of the Trojan War and the Trojan Horse.) 

…..And that this horse is filled up with liberals. I hope the commander of the horse is the late House Speaker Tip O’Neill (below) who is brought back to life by Wiccan socialists in a pagan rite also funded by stimulus dollars. It’s time for everybody to get a fair share of the faith-based dollars.

(Here is information about the best biography of Tip O’Neill. It is called Tip O’ Neill and the Democratic Century and was written by John Farrell.)

(Below are Wiccans chanting and casting spells for federal dollars and to bring Tip back to command the liberals in the Trojan Horse. Here is information about the Wicca religion. If you want to join up with them I say more power to you.)

And I hope that the liberals come out of the horse and help turn America into France.

Below is the French city of Calvi. Can we please make America look like this?

The new President and the increased Democratic majorities in Congress are working out even better than I had imagined.

Could anyone in Washington be more useless than my Congressman? So much is going on and going wrong and what he has to offer is liberals turning America into France.

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If Oprah Winfrey Were Really a “New Age Witch”, Life Would Be Much Better


 I recently came across a blog post that described Oprah Winfrey as a “New Age Witch.”  

I’m not an Oprah-basher.  Many of the books she suggests are quite good.  (Damn right–I am linking to Oprah’s Book Club. Hell, she had people reading Leo Tolstoy. ) And she is out front with her support of Senator Obama for 2008.

In fact, if Oprah were truly a “new age witch”, she might well wave a wand and make Senator Obama President. If Oprah had witch powers, I think people would read more often and be kinder to each other. 

I support the idea of Oprah as a new age witch. It would be a welcome short cut from bothering with the endless 2008 election and also an escape from tedious reminders from teachers for students to read.

Look at those Wicca people above. They don’t seem to be causing any trouble.

Here is a credit for that picture.

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