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Houston Ship Channel Springtime—The World Around Us Has Value

Above is a picture that I call “Ship Channel Springtime.”

It is a picture I took at the Houston Ship Channel early last spring.

The man you see in the picture was walking down the grassy slope towards the Ship Channel.

Why was he walking towards the channel?

I don’t know. I’d have been crazy to ask.

Why would anybody be hanging around the Houston Ship Channel?

Except in my case.

I hang around the Ship Channel sometimes and I’m plenty normal.


Below is a wider view of the scene above.

You see your springtime scrapyard. Your springtime ships and barges. Your springtime industry.

You can embrace the world around you and learn about the world around you , or you can be angry all the time and feel out of place all the time.

The Ship Channel is a big part of Houston. Industry, production, and transportation are essential to Houston.

It’s great to study and to learn about the things that are around you.

Here are some facts and history about the Houston Ship Channel.

A Houston Ship Channel Springtime may not be your ideal experience of spring—Yet every place has merits and every place has a purpose.

Without losing sight of the facts of matter and without ever relenting in efforts to make life better , it is good and hopeful if we can see the best aspects of the world around us.

(Photos copyright Neil Aquino.)

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