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Change Will Come When You Work For Change

Sometimes it seems that change can be a long time in coming.

President Obama’s agreeing to keep the Bush tax cuts for the most wealthy is very disappointing.

Republicans are, for the moment, revitalized ,just two after years after we got rid of George W. Bush and his incompetent administration.

Above you a see a picture I took last week of an old change machine at an otherwise demolished  car wash in Houston.

Change will never ever come from that machine.  Grass is growing all around that machine.

Nobody is going to make change for you.

Change will come when you work for it. If you limit your involvement to a voting machine every 4 years, you will never get any hopeful change.

Just voting for Democrats in 2008 was not enough.

Even if you vote in every election, that is not enough.

You’ve got to talk to friends and family, vote in every election, donate money, volunteer your time, write letters to the editor, call your elected officials, run for office yourself, and whatever else you can think of that would best use your talents.

I made this same point about your involvement in public affairs a few days ago on the blog. I’ve been making this point often of late on the blog.

I’m going to keep making this point.

Change will come when you work for change. It won’t come automatically from someone else working for your hopes for this society.

You have to make the call to give your time and effort.

(Photo copyright Neil Aquino.)

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