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City Of Houston Workers Take Voluntary Cuts In City Where Most Don’t Care Enough To Even Vote

Unionized City of Houston workers have agreed to voluntary unpaid furloughs to help the city deal with a budget crisis.

These are not high-paid workers.

The President of the city employee union HOPE , Melvin Hughes, came to Mayor Annise Parker on his own to propose the savings. HOPE is part of AFSCME.

When you contrast this voluntary sacrifice with the fact that 15% turnout in Houston municipal elections is viewed as a strong showing, it makes you ponder the convential notion held by some that government gets it wrong and individual citizens know best.

I think that often government gets things right and helps hold society together, while individual citizens are at times hostile and apathetic in regards to the public good.

Stace Medellin also writes about this issue at Dos Centavos. Charles Kuffner recently wrote about upcoming cuts in Houston’s police budget at Off The Kuff.

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