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Houston Raising Many City Fees—What People Want To Do Is Complain

The City of Houston is considering raising the cost of fees for as many as 150 city services.

This is what happens when you vote out red light cameras that, in addition to improving road safety, raised $10 million a year

This is what happens when nobody wants to pay taxes and a recession hits.

While I don’t understand why Mayor Annise  Parker often can’t communicate her ideas in a more healthy and outgoing manner with the city, I’m going to stand with her as she does the things needed to address city budget issues. It is difficult to ask people to pay more in economic hard times.

Folks will complain. Yet in our last city election turnout was 16%.

We don’t want to accept the responsibility of paying our municipal bills. We don’t want to stop at red lights. We don’t want to vote.

We just want to complain.

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In Support Of The Dream Act

The Dream Act now before Congress would allow undocumented persons who entered the United States at age 15 or younger to gain a chance at citizenship by either joining the military or by going to college.

While this bill does have some bipartisan support, it is not clear it will pass in the lame duck session.

The House has approved the Dream Act. It is now stuck in the Senate. President Obama has said he will sign the bill.

One hinderance to passage of the bill is the broken promise of Republican Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson.

While in the past Senator Hutchinson supported Dream Act type legislation, she no longer does. It seems Senator Hutchinson’s fear of a far-right Tea Party primary challenger in 2012 is more important than anything else in her mind.

America is a nation of immigrants. I know this is almost a cliché at this point—But it is still true.

Either we are a welcoming and confident nation or we are not.

It is not the fault of people brought here as children that they are not legal citizens.

It is not the fault of immigrants that some of our Anglo fellow citizens, who seem amongst most bitter and angry of Americans today, come from families that have over the years not been able to take advantage of free land taken from the native population, of the exclusion of blacks from opportunity because of slavery and Jim Crow, and of the refusal until the mid 1960’s to allow many Asian people to emigrate to the United States.

Maybe we would have more opportunity in this nation if these folks had over the years allied themselves with fellow working people instead of with segregationists and red-baiters and with the states rights crowd.

I’m for the Dream Act. I’m for welcoming people to our nation who know what America is truly about.

Call your Senator and ask that they support the Dream Act.

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