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Thoughts On Bush Tax Cut Deal Illustrated By Tree, Sidewalk & Grass

Above you see that people and nature can co-exist.

The tree can go on being a tree and people can still take a walk.

That is at least one way of looking at this picture I took in Houston a few weeks back.

Another way of looking at this picture is that the tree is the Republican Party that would not allow unemployment benefits to be extended, unless tax cuts were kept for the 2% most wealthy of Americans and unless the wealthy got a break on the estate tax.

Democrats are the sidewalk that yielded to these obscene demands.

Rotten tree.

Why do Democrats always seem to be sidewalk and Republicans always seem to be the tree?

This “compromise” will add to the budget deficit. We keep hearing about the budget deficit. Yet that does not seem to matter so much when tax cuts for the rich are at issue.

Barack Obama has said for the longest time that he would not support extending the Bush tax cuts for the most wealthy.

I’m not even sure that Mr. Obama is the sidewalk in this picture.

Maybe he’s the grass you see growing on the left.

Passive silent grass that just hangs around waiting for some rain or waiting to be mowed.

The road on the left is the powerful driving unencumbered to more money and power while others catch Hell in this recession.

When I took this picture I thought it represented man and nature living in harmony.

I want to be hopeful.

I just don’t think co-existence can be about one side always being rooted in far-right extremist ideas, and the other side always giving way.

Rank-and-file liberals, progressives, Democrats, independents, and centrists need to fight back.

Republicans are not about the deficit or about working on addressing the recession.

Republicans are about serving the interests of the few and about  far-right extremism on social issues.

The leadership and action of average citizens is needed now to offer a countervailing view to this frightening reality.

Photo Copyright Neil Aquino.

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Houston Blogger Holiday Happy Hour Planned For December 13—Please Feel Free To Attend

Houston political bloggers will be holding a holiday happy hour on Monday, December 13.

This event will be held at the Flying Saucer in Downtown Houston. This bar is located at 705 Main St.

(Above–Artist’s representation of upcoming blogger event. Hofball in Wien painted in 1900 by Wilhelm Gause.)

The festivities convene at 5:30 PM and will end 8:30 PM.

I hope to see you at this event. Please attend if you are inclined.

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