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Hello President Obama—Please Fight To End Bush Tax Cuts For Most Wealthy

Hello Barack Obama.

Thank you for visiting Texas Liberal each day.

Please don’t give in on ending the Bush tax cuts for people earning more that $250,000 a year.

We are at war in Afghanistan, we have a big budget deficit, and we are in tough economic times.

People who are doing well can pay a little bit more.

Have we no bottom line standards at all?

Wealthy people can’t help their country during hard times?

The party of the  working man and woman has no fight left?

It seems sometimes that we are going out of this world backwards.

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Swinging At A Softball—It Would Be Wonderful To See Dick Cheney In Jail In Nigeria

Sometimes you are tossed a big fat softball and you just have to swing.

(Above–Big fat softball. Picture by Tage Olsin.)

So I’m going to comment here on Dick Cheney being indicted in Nigeria-

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is going to be charged in Nigeria with bribery allegedly committed by Haliburton while Mr. Cheney was Haliburton CEO.

It would be wonderful to see Mr. Cheney extradited to Nigeria and to see him in a Nigerian jail.

I would pay $500 out of my own pocket to see that happen.

(Below–$500 Bill.)

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Your Classic Shoes Tossed Over The Power Lines Photo

Here is your classic shoes tossed over the power line picture.

I took this picture in Houston last week.

Next up—I’ll try to find your classic mattress or couch tossed out on the shoulder of the highway photo.

I spare no effort for Texas Liberal readers.

Photo copyright Neil Aquino.

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