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I Had A Dream Last Night That I Was Prime Minister Of India

I had a dream last night that I had been selected to be the Prime Minister of India.

In the dream, there was some type of dispute between various factions within Indian politics about who should be Prime Minister.

I was a compromise candidate.

It was one of those dreams that seemed true to life.

It took me a few seconds after the alarm went off to realize I was not Prime Minister of India.

I was disappointed for about five minutes after waking up.

I think I’d make a good Prime Minister of India. I might need a few hours of briefing, but after that I’d be up and running.

If I were Prime Minister of India, I would stress that the Indian nation is founded on the idea of full equality between the Hindu, the Muslim and all people. The Indian nation is not Hindu by defintion as the political right in India has maintained in recent years. (It is good to know that the people of India rejected this narrow view of what India is at the polls earlier this year. My only regret is that I will not get the chance to govern India, and to offer my ideas on Indian nationhood to the one billion people of this great country that I have ruled in my dreams.)

All people count the same in India and in all places on the Earth.

This entire day has been something of a drag after waking up to a reality so far away from my dream.

I hope tonight I dream I am in Hell so tomorrow will seem extra good.

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Does Anybody Out There Have Any Notion What Is Wrong With My Computer?

Does anybody have any notion what is wrong with my computer? Or browser? Or whatever it is that is wrong.

A few days ago the font as I see it got smaller on my blog, my Facebook and my personal e-mail box.

Since this began, I can no longer add links to the blog or add pictures. The spellcheck is also down on the blog.

This is frustrating about the pictures because an alien ship hovered over me as I was stopped at a red light today and I have some great photos on my iphone.

If only I could load them onto the blog.

I’m sure there is a way I could figure out the problem by e-mailing WordPress support or poking around the tools icon on my A T & T internet.

Yet doing those things seems tedious. I’m not very apt at that kind of stuff.

I’d rather just eat piece of pie or watch TV than deal with computer problems.

Maybe one of you out there in the blog reading public has an idea of what the problem is, and could just direct me to a solution.

Thank you in advance.

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