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Your Ship Will Arrive

Above is a picture I took a few weeks ago of ships waiting to enter Galveston Bay and the Houston Ship Channel.

Your ship in life may come in if you assist its navigation with love, friendship, hope, learning and imagination.

You can set your own course for your ship in life.  

You can set your own course and still have many others on board your ship.

You might have to wait for your ship to arrive. But as you see in the picture above, even a ship that must wait will gain entry to a safe and productive port.

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Senator Snowe Followed The Right Course

I’m no great fan of Republican “moderates” or of any type of Republican.

But Senator Olympia Snowe followed the right course today when she voted in favor of a health insurance reform bill today in a Senate committee.

Maybe my longstanding distaste for Republican moderates is displaced at this point.

Maybe at this point there are so few of them that I should simply admire them for the ability to hang on. It is possible they are doing the country a service by at least offering an option to the Republican Party of something other than full craziness.

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