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Ronald Green Is Only Democrat Running For Houston City Controller—Take That For What It Is Worth To You

City Councilmember Ronald Green is the only Democrat running for Houston City Controller.

Here is a story about the candidates in the Houston Chronicle.

Mr. Green’s two opponents are Republicans. 

You can take this for what it is worth to you.

I’m not going to be voting for any Republican in the upcoming City of Houston elections.

Mr. Green offers nothing special to the people of Houston. He’s been a go-along-to-get-along member of council in his three terms at City Hall.

He’s been quiet when he should have been speaking our for greater social justice in our city. There is no reason a liberal or progressive should make much effort for his election.  

But Mr. Green is the only Democrat on that ballot and he likely can do the job well enough.

So I suppose I will vote for him to serve as our City Controller.

Here is Mr. Green’s campaign web home.

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