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I’ve Been Ethnically Profiled By The Harris County Tejano Democrats

I got a card in the mail yesterday from the Harris County Tejano Democrats. This group wanted to let me know who they were supporting in our 2009 Houston City elections.

Here is the web home of the Tejano Democrats. The web home could use a little work. Go to where it says “endorsed candidates” or “meet the officers” and you’ll see what I’m saying.  

People make mistakes all the time. I make mistakes all the time. Yet if you have a political website up two weeks before an election, please get it right.

I’m happy to hear from the Tejano Democrats—But I think I’ve been racially profiled.

Though my last name is Aquino, I’m not Hispanic. The name is Italian.  

On the side of my family not from Italy, I’ve got people off the Mayflower.

Maybe the Tejano Democrats sent out the card to all people in Houston who are of immigrant stock. 

The Tejano Democrats endorsed Gene Locke for Mayor of Houston. 


Who knows? It does not say at the Tejano Democrats site why they endorsed Mr. Locke.

Could it be they endorsed Mr. Locke because he has been addressing issues of great importance to the Hispanic community in Houston?

No—The idea that Mr. Locke has been addressing issues of great importance to anybody is as likely as is me being Hispanic.

Mr. Locke, a Democrat, has been running around trying to get Republicans to vote for him in this election.

I’m not sure I want to know why the Tejano Democrats endorsed Mr. Locke. It is quite possible that the process was not very inspiring.

Anyway, if there is a meeting of the Very Liberal Italians of Harris County taking place anytime soon, could someone please get in touch with me. I’d be happy to attend.

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