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Good Natured Picture Of Band Playing Block Party—Cincinnati’s Fairmount Girls

Above is a picture of the Cincinnati band called the Fairmount Girls playing a block party.

It is a happy and good-natured picture.

Don’t you wish that life was more happy and good-natured?

A lot of people appear to be quite angry. 

The Fairmount Girls have been around for at least 15 years. I think. Maybe longer. Maybe not as long. I guess I’m not fully certain.

Here is how the Fairmount Girls describe themselves on Facebook—“Fairmount Girls are a 5 piece independent rock band .we’ve had several different incarnations due to peoples lives and who can blame anyone for wanting to move out of Cincinnati or get away from us . we’ve always had at least one if not several boys in the band and at least 2 girls if not three or four . we have 3 full length albums……11 minutes to anywhere , tender trap , forever and are pleased to announce we’ve started a fourth . This will be our first vinyl release !!! we remain humble and true to our DIY beginner punk roots, even though we think we write pretty catchy songs and are pretty fucking fabulous . cheers to all things Fairmount . if you are reading this chances are that we LOVE you ! “

Look them up on Facebook. It seems clear they would be happy to hear from you.

The red haired girl in the blue shirt is a good friend of mine. She and I had a cup of coffee together a few weeks ago in Cincinnati. 

Here are the Fairmount Girls on You Tube.

Below is a poster for a show this band played at the Inner Peace Center in Cincinnati.

I wish there was an Inner Peace Center I could visit. It would be nice to have a greater measure of inner peace.

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