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Painting Of Judge Ito—I Watched The OJ Trial Each Day It Was On

Above is a painting of Judge Lance Ito. Judge Ito presided over the famous OJ Simpson trial in 1995.

The painting was completed by Kota Ezawa in 2002.

I watched the OJ trial each day it was on. I feel no shame in admitting this fact.

The trial was serious, absurd, a television mini-series and an event.

I recall that many thought the OJ trial was beneath them or irrelevant.

I recall it as a reasonable enough mirror of our nation and as interesting to follow.

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I Imagine Both Republicans & Democrats Think Senator K.B. Hutchinson Is Silly

Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson just can’t seem to decide when to quit the Senate to work full time on her primary challenge against incumbent Republican Governor Rick Perry.

One day she says one thing and another day she says another thing.

I’m somewhat apologetic for even blogging on this subject because it has a shooting fish in a barrel quality—Here you have a malignant figure acting in a ridiculous fashion.

What does one expect? 

Senator Hutchinson is likely always either harming someone with her bad works in the U.S. Senate, or doing something dumb.

Still, this dance is so silly and so absurd that I feel it merits mention. There is nobody on any side of the political aisle in Texas who can feel Senator Hutchinson is acting in a way that reflects well on herself.

I hope Senator Hutchinson’s indecision goes on for days and weeks to come.

Many people are laughing at her.

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