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No Links, No Pictures, No Spellcheck—Just Communication

I’m not sure if the problem is with WordPress or my computer, but the blog is full of glitches this evening. I had some ideas for posting this evening, but I can’t add links or pictures. The spellcheck is down as well.

These must be the conditions our ancestors had to blog under while on the wagon trail or crossing the seas to reach the New World. (Though if you were brought here as a slave I don’t imagine you were allowed to blog at all.)

For many years people wrote letters to each other.

A letter is where you sit down with a pen or pencil and a sheet of paper. You use the pen or pencil to record on the paper what you are doing and how you are feeling to somebody you value in life.

Can you imagine the surprise you would feel if you got a letter in the mail?

I’ve thought sometimes I might be better off no longer writing this blog and just writing letters to friends. I’d write two or three letters a week to people.

Maybe you’d be better off to get away from the computer and keep in better contact with the people you value. Do you give the people you value in life the time they merit?

No–You don’t. I don’t either.

I’ve had the thought that I could write letters to people each week and post those letters on the blog. I’d cut out anything overly personal, but I’d have as blog posts things that are more thought out than what I currently post.

It is not that I’m not pleased with what I produce. It is simply that the demands of doing this each day are high. The blog might be a better production with fewer posts.

Imagine a world that was more quiet and more reflective. I feel that world just a bit by not having the ability right now to put anything from the outside in my blog.

If the pace of things were slower and we could apply more effort and thought to consider what we really think and feel—I think then we would all have better lives.

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