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Picture Of Corpus Christi Bay Fishing Boat And Many Pelicans

Here is a photo of a fishing boat that is returning with its catch from Corpus Christi Bay.

Here is a map of Corpus Christi Bay.

Here is information on destructive fishing practices.

Here is information about the ecology of Corpus Christi Bay.

The boat is being followed by many brown pelicans. Here is information on brown pelicans.

Here is information on visiting Corpus Christi, Texas

I took this picture last week while visiting Corpus Christi.

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Differences In How Liberals And Conservatives Think

The  following is from a recent article in The Economist magazine about the origins of human morality. This excerpt has to do with the differences in how liberals and conservatives think.  Here is the full article

….. Liberal teenagers always felt more stress than conservatives, but were particularly stressed if they could not decide for themselves whom they spent time with. Such choice, or the lack of it, did not change conservative stress levels. Liberals were also loners, spending a quarter of their time on their own. Conservatives were alone for a sixth of the time. That may have been related to the fact that liberals were equally bored by their own company and that of others. Conservatives were far less bored when with other people. They also preferred the company of relatives to non-relatives. Liberals were indifferent. Perhaps most intriguingly, the more religious a liberal teenager claimed to be, the more he was willing to confront his parents with dissenting beliefs. The opposite was true for conservatives.

Dr Wilson suspects that the liberal package of individualism and confrontation is the appropriate response to survival in a stable environment in which there is leisure for learning and reflection, and the consequences for a group’s stability of such dissent are low. The conservative package of collectivism and conformity, by contrast, works in an unstable environment where joint action, and thus obedience to their group, are at a premium. It is an interesting suggestion, and it is one that plays into the question of how morality actually evolved.

I know this mix of seeking time alone and sometimes finding myself in a confrontation matches some of my own experiences. Its also so that family has not been the center of my life.

Like anything that deals with many people, these findings are generalizations.  Still, they appear to hold some truth.

Any thoughts?

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A Starting Point For Rudeness

Much rudeness comes from the inability to quickly process any mildly unusual or stressful situation. People often lack the self-assurance to devise quick replies to the unexpected. Rudeness seems a better option than appearing silly or feeling awkward.  

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