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A Good Personal Life Requires A Well-Functioning State

A good personal life requires a well-functioning state. People need police and fire services, roads, clean water and parks and playgrounds. It’s difficult to have a good private life when the basics are not provided.

The personal and the public are far more connected than many people are willing to acknowledge. 

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My Solution To The Michigan/Florida Mess

Here’s my proposal for how Democrats should resolve the mess of how to include delegates from Michigan and Florida at the National Convention.

Each state should be penalized 20% of its delegates for breaking the rules. 

Michigan should simply re-vote since Barack Obama was not on the ballot when that state held its primary.

For Florida, the primary already conducted should count for half of awarded delegates. A caucus should be held for the other half.

There you have it.

Just that simple!     

Please click here for a history of the Florida Primary.

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