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I Know Who Spray Painted The Anarchy Symbol On The Statue Of President Garfield

Above you see a statue of President James Garfield. This statue is located in Piatt Park in Cincinnati, Ohio

If you look closely at the base of the statute, you’ll see a faded anarchy symbol.

That anarchy symbol was spray painted on the statue somewhere between 15 and 20 years ago.

I remember the first time I saw the statute after it was spray painted.

I said to myself something along the lines of–“I bet I know whoever the person is who did that.” 

I had no idea who had done it. I just was fairly certain that it was some person I would know.

It was only last year that I asked somebody I thought might know who had vandalized the statue.

That person told me who did it and it was indeed somebody I had known.

If you’re reading this from the cold case unit of the Cincinnati Police Department, I can tell you that the guilty party is now dead.    

20 years ago I was a punk rocker.

At 40, I’ve moved even further down the social scale by being a blogger.

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